If you’re an old hand who’s looking for a new challenge, or if you’ve recently started training in a martial art, then taking up a second discipline might be beneficial. Doing so will allow them to maintain their physical requirements while training in another discipline. Various martial arts combinations are great for people who want to train in multiple disciplines.

One of the most essential factors that you should consider when it comes to learning multiple martial arts is the power base of the discipline. For instance, while Brazilian jiu-jitsu has a similar muscular structure to other martial arts, it has a different power base. This is because it will allow you to develop specific moves and strategies that will allow you to gain energy and take advantage of specific positions in a given martial art.

Stance Variations

One of the most crucial factors to keep in mind when it comes to developing multiple martial arts is how the fighting stance of one discipline differs from that of another. For instance, in Muay Thai, the stance is broader and more square than that of taekwondo. In terms of power punches and low kicks, Muay Thai is designed to provide a more direct and consequential punch than taekwondo. This is because the former fighters are giving up some stability in order to generate the necessary velocity and power for their spinning kicks.

Master One First

For most people, learning a single martial art is better than picking up two. Doing so allows them to focus on one discipline and develop specific moves. Most of the fighters who have been successful in mixed martial arts have one thing in common: They became masters of one specific discipline before they started training in another. It can take a long time to master a single discipline, and once people have put a lot of time into it, they’re usually reluctant to change anything.

They’re not so comfortable with what they’re doing that they’ve decided that they have nothing to gain from training in another discipline. It’s because once they become a master of one discipline, they’re more likely to appreciate the opportunity to improve.

Find a Great Coach

Before you start learning multiple martial arts, it’s essential that you find a coach who can help you transition seamlessly from one discipline to another. This will allow you to develop effective kicks and ground moves. This will require a highly specialized trainer, similar to what top MMA fighters have access to. The kind of trainer that most people can’t find in their local area.