Hossain Kamyab


About Hossain Kamyab

Hossain Kamyab is an experienced residential real estate investor currently based out of Vienna, Virginia. Outside of his professional pursuits, however, Hossain is an avid sports fan. With much of his early career spent in the United Kingdom, he has developed a keen interest in keeping up with association football. While there is a multitude of great football teams out there, Hossain’s favorite is Manchester United Football Club. Known by fans as the Red Devils, Manchester United competes in the U.K.’s highest-level division. They have an impressive track record, including multiple league titles, Football Association Challenge Cups, and even the 2008 FIFA World Cup.

When he isn’t busy cheering for the Red Devils, though, Hossain Kamyab can be found investing his time, energy, and creativity into his latest real estate holdings. Since 1999, he has been purchasing and developing properties across the globe, building experience working in at least 12 different countries. While his early work was done solo, recently, Hossain has partnered with other professionals to ensure they provide the best work possible for the properties they choose to work with.

Hossain Kamyab is personally involved in the interior design aspects of nearly every property he purchases. He has had a keen interest in interior design principles for over 30 years now and enjoys utilizing that interest as a creative outlet. Especially in his work on residential properties, Hossain strives to provide contemporary and functional designs, personally involving himself in fine details like tile selection and paint colors. Some of the properties he’s worked on have been purchased in poor condition, practically crumbling at the seams. For Hossain, one of the most fulfilling parts of this work is taking properties like these and restoring them to something beautiful and useful for years to come.

Prior to finding his niche in real estate investing, Hossain Kamyab moved through several other occupations, building skills and values that he continues to carry with him. After finishing his own degree, he spent some time working as a university professor in London, where he taught courses on engineering topics. These early steps in his career helped him develop an appreciation for good engineering and high-quality products. While he eventually moved on to new pursuits, Hossain still highly values education and is passionate about imparting his knowledge to others. From his teaching career, he moved into a time working in project management, building skills that still serve him well as he juggles the many moving parts of working on real estate projects.